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Six Prayers for Foster Care

Updated: Oct 19, 2023


1. Pray for couples and individuals who are on the fence about whether to become foster parents. Pray that...

  • they experience clarity

  • they make a decision based on wisdom instead of fear

  • they seek out community that can speak into their situation

2. Pray for reunification between children and teens experiencing foster care and their biological families. Pray that...

  • biological families have support as they work through their case plans

  • foster parents make every effort to support reunification when it's possible

3. Pray for foster families who just welcomed a new child, teen or sibling group. Pray that...

  • they receive financial, emotional, and hands-on support from their communities

  • the transition goes as smoothly as it can for everyone involved

4. Pray for biological children in foster families. Pray that...

  • they can feel peace when situations around them are uncertain or chaotic

  • they can build healthy relationships with those who stay in their home

  • they can maintain open lines of communication with their parents about how foster care is impacting them

5. Pray for the new school year for foster families. Pray that...

  • teachers feel prepared to navigate the school year for their students in foster care

  • parents feel equipped with what they need to help their children succeed

  • students in foster care feel comfortable, safe, and loved in their classrooms and excited about learning

6. Pray for children and teens in foster care to understand their intrinsic value. Pray that...

  • they don't associate their circumstances with their self worth

  • they don't fall prey to traffickers who want to take advantage of their circumstances

  • they grow in strength, resiliency and wisdom

Emily | Respite Foster Mom


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