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Foster Family

Encouraging and equipping YOU to step into respite foster care.

/ re·​spite /  noun
1. a period of temporary delay
2. an interval of rest or relief

definitions from Merriam-Webster

There are 200,000 foster families caring for 400,000 children in the US who need support.

foster parent
New to Respite Foster Care?

Foster families who offer respite care keep children for a defined period of time (such as a weekend) as a way to support long-term families.

There are many reasons why a foster family may utilize respite care. In the "I'm New to This" blog series, you'll learn what respite care is, why it's important and how you can get involved. It's not as intimidating as you may think!

foster child
Respite Foster Mom Looking for Resources?

What questions should you ask when you get "the call?" How can you prepare for your next "yes?" What age-appropriate meals and activities can you have on hand? How do you involve your village?

The "Help Me Foster" blog series provides the tools you need to feel confident about your upcoming guests every time.

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